The report for 7th Project in Tanzania!

It is getting colder these days, the fall season is just around the corner.

We have finished our 7th project from 4th to 26th of September this year.

Our project was basically focused on these three purposes.
1 Researching the school which we supported before
2 Support volunteer work (TAG Day care and Angel Light Baby Care)
3 Researching for our next project

The 6 members from Tokyo and Osaka worked on them.

1 Researching the school which we supported before

As we have been doing this support since last time, we visited
・Matutina Day Care

・Cleopatra Nursery School

・Hulica Day Care Centre

What we have been doing there were material support and supporting class,but we realized there is no need to support them anymore because they are able to survive without our support.

There are some problems in these three schools yet but we are happy to see the students’ smile!
Please check these there school website down below!

・Matutina Day Care

・Cleopatra Nursery School

・Hulika Day Care Centre

2 Support volunteer work (TAG Day care and Angel Light Baby Care)

For TAG, we have been supporting them for some materials and classes since 2017.

This time, we supported materials and classes.

We found new paintings on the wall.

For Angel light baby care, we started to support them last time.

This time, we also built a classroom as a big project.
The former classroom was little bit dark and small like this but…

the new classroom is bright and wide!

The children were playing in the new classroom and they all seemed very happy.

We will post the article about this project the other day, so please check it out!

Angel light is focusing on Montessori education system to raise children independent, so we also follow that system and used materials such as color bag, the pop-up book and finger dolls.

・Color bags

・The pop-up book

・Finger dolls

We decided to remove this school from supporting list because it was above our criteria for volunteering. We hope that the school will be where children can learn lots of things and enable to choose from lots of choices for the future.

3 Researching for our next project

We did four researching for our project in the future. First of all, we went to public and private kindergarten, interviewing for the education sector in the area, interviewing for mamas in the community and researching the library.

At the kindergarten, we heard what the problems in the reality and we visited the classes.

At the education sector, we did the interview and were able to know about education system in Tanzania.

From the interview for mamas and researching the library, we realised the different perspectives for books between Japan and Tanzania.

Each researching were able to get new information about Tanzania, and we will share them within members.


Thanks to our corporate companies and the local people in Tanzania. We could not have done all these activities without your help!

We also appreciate for Nippon Hakuboku Kogyo for contributing for chokes.
We, ASANTE members will keep focusing on the NEEDS in Tanzania and will try our best each Tokyo and Osaka team!!!